Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Algordanza memorial diamond shows the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural diamond. We would not be allowed to use the expression “diamond” if we could not prove that the diamond is genuine.

Upon cremation of an adult human being, there will be 1.5 - 2 kg of ashes on average. For Algordanza Pure, we need at least 500 grams of the ashes for the synthesis. The remains can be handled as follows:

  1. All the ashes will be used for the synthesis. They will remain in the process until they are completely exhausted.
  2. Sea burial.
  3. Remaining ashes can be kept in the columbarium.
  4. Remaining ashes can be kept at home in an urn or in a keepsake item.

For Algordanza Origin, we require a lesser amount of ashes and allow a second source of carbon from hair, clothing, pictures.

For families who are unable to go through cremation, we have Algordanza Hair, requiring about 8 grams of hair for the transformation.

Yes. From 2 kg of ashes, at least 4 diamonds can be transformed. Accurate estimation can only be given after detailed analysis of the ashes in our laboratory.

No. The size of the diamond is dependent on the duration of the process. The longer the diamond stays in the growing phase, the bigger it becomes. But as this process becomes more unstable with increasing size, we can only offer a maximum size of 1.0 carat.

Most Algordanza Memorial diamonds normally bluish because the human body contains traces of the chemical element boron. Sometimes, though, a diamond comes out as white, yellowish, or even with other color tints. Each memorial diamond reflects the uniqueness of each individual. The eventual color of the diamond is arrived at as part of the production process.

The process takes about 5-8 months beginning from the date of receipt of ashes/ hair/ personal item. Nevertheless, the synthesis of a diamond is a highly complex process. In some cases it will take more time. We assure you that quality and precision is our first priority.

With our certificate, we guarantee the genuineness, weight, cut and color of the diamond.

Yes. You can have your diamond work up to a piece of jewellery with a jeweller of your choice. We can assist if you do not have a preferred jeweller.

No. Algordanza is producing memorial diamonds solely from the cremation ashes or hair of deceased human beings. Visit Pet Daimon

Our prices start from $5,588. Please contact us for the full price list through the following methods:

1. Call or whatsapp us at (+65) 8222 1000

2. Drop us an email:

You can place an order via the following methods:

1. Call or whatsapp us at: (+65) 8222 1000

2. Drop us an email:

We will arrange for a meet up or ash collection together with you and your family.

Our top priority is the respectful treatment of the ashes in the process of cultivation of the memorial diamond. Many steps of purification and graphitization are done between the ashes and the carbon extracted from it. Sometimes, in addition to the carbon, some very small trace elements of the cremation remains enter into the crystal lattice and appear in the diamond as inclusions. We regard this as a special proof and feature of the individual origin and the personal character of our unique memorial diamonds. The majority of Algordanza memorial diamonds have a quality level of SI1 or higher. But we cannot guarantee a certain quality level due to the special origin of the carbon.