Our Diamonds

Our Diamonds

Diamonds are Forever.

Our Diamonds

Algordanza Memorial Diamond is a genuine diamond.

They are unparalleled and outmatch the quality of any synthetic diamonds, rubies, and other memorial medallions. The cultivation of memorial diamonds is a complex, time and cost-consuming process which encompasses its overall value. The prices of Algordanza Memorial Diamonds reflect the efforts in research, development, unique production, prompt administration, dual control principle, as well as consultation for the grieving customer.

No gemstone or sapphire can triumph over a diamond in terms of hardness and value, making the Algordanza Memorial Diamond a beautifully perfect alternative to the traditional methods of burial, cremation, urn interment or green burial.

Algordanza Singapore Brilliant Pendant

Types of Diamonds

Using pure carbon extracted from ashes, personal items, or hair, we simulate a growth environment with extreme pressure and the high temperatures that are similar to the natural transformation of diamonds over thousands of years inside the earth’s crust.

Algordanza Pure

Algordanza Pure allows you to create a diamond from the ashes of your beloved.

Algordanza Origin

A combination of ashes with your loved one’s hair or personal item, Algordanza Origin allows a second carbon source, which can take the form of hair, prized belongings like letters, or pictures.

Algordanza Hair

Without the process of cremation, it is possible to obtain pure carbon with at least 8 grams of hair from your loved one, to create a beautiful diamond that lasts forever.

Rough Diamond

A Rough Diamond is a diamond in its natural form without undergoing cut and polish.

Shape-cut Diamond

After the transformation process, the diamond goes through cut and polish to achieve the chosen shape.
The process of cutting a diamond by hand is a precise and delicate art and is carried out by professionals.

Sizes and Cuts


Algordanza offers a variety of diamond carat sizes: 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9 and 1.0 carat.

Note: There is a tolerance level of +/- 0.05 for all diamond sizes..


Personalize your memorial diamond with our wide range of diamond cuts.


Whichever you choose, your diamond will be carefully and expertly cut by seasoned professionals.

Choose your diamond’s cut and size

Get in touch with us to know more about various diamond sizes and pricing.

Our prices start from $5,588. Get in touch with us to get the full price list

Clarity and Colour


Most Algordanza Memorial diamonds normally bluish because the human body contains traces of the chemical element boron. Sometimes, though, a diamond comes out as white, yellowish, or even with other color tints.

Each memorial diamond reflects the uniqueness of each individual. The eventual color of the diamond is arrived at as part of the production process.


Finding the perfect diamond is extremely rare. In fact, less than 1% of all diamonds ever found are flawless.

The inclusions in diamonds appear as small crystals, clouds, dark spots, or feathers.

While inclusions can occur with the Algordanza Memorial Diamonds, our diamonds are usually of grade SI (i.e., small inclusions).
These characteristics display the uniqueness of each diamond.


Adorning your Memorial Diamond

Algordanza offers a special way to make your memories unique!