Pet Diamond

Pet Diamond

More than just a friend, our pets are family. The bonds that we forge with our pets are powerful. Their love for us is unfaltering, and they have a way to make us feel better even on our worst days which is what makes it that much harder to lose a pet family.

Immortalize the life of your pet by turning their ashes into a diamond that allows them to be with you forever.

Semper Fides

a Germany-based company and Algordanza’s partner, helps provide the same service for pets. Creating a timeless PUREdiamond out of your pet’s feather, hair, or ashes is a great way to keep your pet with you, without having to say goodbye forever. Visit Semper Fides

Memorialize Your Pet

Start your journey to commemorate the life of your furry friend. Get in touch with us to find out more about the process and prices.